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Submariner homage - FAQ

Does this submariner look alike watch have a mechanical movement?

Yes, it has a self-winding mechanism. You don't need any battery. It can also be hand wound.

Does it perform the "hack" seconds feature?

Yes: when the crown is pulled out to the time-setting position, the movement stops, to help facilitate setting of the watch against an accurate time reference.

What is the water resistance of this submariner watch?

It is a tested submariner look alike 30mt or 3ATM water resistant watch. Watch back case and screwed crown help this watch to perform its 30 meter water resistance.

What kind of bracelet has this watch?

This homage to the classic submariner has a solid-link bracelet.

Are the pins of this watch bracelet screwed?

Yes, for a better security, the bracelet has screwed pins and not split pins (push-in). To adjust the size needs a screwdriver.

What kind of end links has the watch?

To look alike the classic submariner homage, it has Solid end-links (that connects the bracelet to the watch case and contains the spring bar). Most submariner homages watches feature hollow end links. Why? Because a hollow end-link is easier to fit to a watch case. "A solid end-link has to be manufactured with high precision to match the case exactly".

Best Submariner homage

Best Submariner Homage

Best submariner homage
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